Air Conditioner installation

Does Installation affect efficiency?

What did you just read? ''Does Installation affect efficiency''? And how would you like to respond to this question? Let's hope you'd say ''Yes'' because that is evident. Installation of an appliance affects its efficiency to an extent you might never guess. Talking in particular about Air Conditioners, know that they are difficult to handle and difficult to understand appliances especially if you've never had an experience with them before. Things need to be perfect from the day first. Half of the efficiency of an Air Conditioner gets wasted if there's an improper and unprofessional installation. It is for this reason, that one of the major reason behind early Air Conditioner break down or continuous repair needs is ''improper installation''

Furnace & AC Direct, Air Conditioner Installation

Installation is a complete process. From choosing the right place to using the right equipment, all it takes is a careful strategy and only then the Air Conditioner will function with its fullest efficiency. Harder it is for homeowners to do such a strategically perfect installation on their own, Furnace & AC Direct is here to serve with Air Conditioner installation services. We've been installing Air Conditioners both duct and ductless since many years. Our technical staff is not just certified by NATE but has also satisfied several thousand homeowners by now. When we do the installation, we make sure to give you an ultimate experience of home comfort by screwing everything all too perfectly.

Choose professional installation & Save!

While you might think that choosing a professional HVAC service for Air Conditioner installation will cost you and doing a self-service is a great way to save some dollars, you might be totally wrong. A professional service doesn't charge you, in fact, saves you for a long run. When there's a proper and professional installation, the Air Conditioner continues to function with the highest efficiency and does not need repairs for a fairly well time period. The case is otherwise when there's an improper installation since that results in continuous repairs, sudden breakdowns and replacements which costs much more than the installation fee.
And here's the time to choose for GTA's best home comfort HVAC services i.e Furnace & AC Direct. Looking for a professional Air Conditioner installation, give us a call 905-822-5550

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Furnace & A/C Direct, Installed New Tankless water heater and it works great! I was very satisfied with their installation and customer service! Would Highly Recommend Company!

Taylor Anderson

We hired Furnace and A/C Direct to install a Central Air Conditioner and High Efficiency Furnace. The entire staff from the sales tech to the installation crew were informative, polite and very tidy. We will definitely refer them to family and friend

Abdiel Jermaine

Great experience with Furnace and A/C Direct, from the office to the technician Andy. Andy was on time, Knowledgeable, and explained everything he did and why he did it to fix my furnace. I would definitely use them again. Excellent job done!!

Marc Jones

The best service contractor we have ever had, worked in our home... excellent job done on my furnace tune-up from beginning to end... cost was fair

Elvis Elvin