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While some people might tell you that Duct Cleaning isn't important, let us inform you, it is! Ducts are passageways that help circulate the air throughout the home after treating it. The air when passes through these ducts takes dust, debris, pollen, airborne particles and other air pollutants with it that then get stuck to the inside walls of the duct. On average, air passes 4-7 times through the ductwork per day. Although there are filters at the return ducts, there are yet some pollutants that become a part of the treated air and circulate in the room making it unhealthy. That is why duct cleaning is necessary. Or if you want to keep it simple; Duct cleaning is important because ducts get dirty. Dirty things should be cleaned, shouldn't they?

Breathe better, improve efficiency - Clean Ducts:

People with breathing problems, lungs issues, sinus, asthma or other such health problems should seriously consider the importance of Duct Cleaning since a cleaner and fresher air is what they direly need. The dirty ducts also become the birthplace of several types of bacterias, mites and allergens that then cause irritation, allergies and an overall discomfort. A discomfort is what you never desire when at home. Such experiences can be combated by cleaning the ducts at least twice a year.
Also, the dirty ducts require more energy to blow the air and thus reduces not only the appliance efficiency but also its lifetime. Cleaner ducts, on the other hand, provide straight easy passageways for the air to pass and thus increase the appliance efficiency and the indoor air quality.

Your home is our home - We keep it clean:

We won't, like many others, leave a mess in your home after doing the Duct Cleaning. Our staff is trained to do the work not just efficiently but also with utmost cleanliness. Your home is our home. With our red carpet methodology, we enter your home wearing special dresses, scrolling a carpet wherever we go to make sure you don't have to mop after we leave, doing the things carefully and with extreme cleanliness, we clean ducts making sure to not pull the dirt on your interiors.

Duct Sealing and Customized Duct Installation:

You'll be losing a lot of heat if you've got unsealed ducts. A properly installed ductwork is efficient while an improper one causes heat loss. In addition to cleaning the ducts, we also offer duct sealing to tighten the airways and prevent leakage. Moreover, keeping different home architectures in mind, there are different duct requirements, we offer customized ductwork installation throughout Toronto and in these Services Areas.
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Furnace & A/C Direct, Installed New Tankless water heater and it works great! I was very satisfied with their installation and customer service! Would Highly Recommend Company!

Taylor Anderson

We hired Furnace and A/C Direct to install a Central Air Conditioner and High Efficiency Furnace. The entire staff from the sales tech to the installation crew were informative, polite and very tidy. We will definitely refer them to family and friend

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Great experience with Furnace and A/C Direct, from the office to the technician Andy. Andy was on time, Knowledgeable, and explained everything he did and why he did it to fix my furnace. I would definitely use them again. Excellent job done!!

Marc Jones

The best service contractor we have ever had, worked in our home... excellent job done on my furnace tune-up from beginning to end... cost was fair

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