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Before we begin to talk about Home Insulation, read out this heat loss percentage chart to explore where does the heat go;
25% of the indoor heat gets lost in the roof
10% heat loss occurs through windows
35% of heat goes to the walls
15% to the floor and 15% to draughts
Do you know what does that mean? That means, in an uninsulated home, the heat loss occurs so frequently and easily that in order to reheat the indoor air, one would require to make more use of heating appliances compared with an insulated home and that is where you need Home Insulation.
Below are some benefits of Home Insulation

Benefits of Home Insulation

1. Home Insulation keeps your home warm in Winters and Cool in the Summers
2. Since the indoor temperature remains moderate, heating and cooling appliances are not frequently required to be turned on which helps reduce energy bills
3. Home Insulation makes the environment greener as there's less use of appliances, there's less emission of carbon monoxide and other residual gases.
4. A tightly insulated home keeps pollutants and allergens of the outer environment outside preserving the indoor air quality
5. Home insulation is a wonderful way to make indoor environment peaceful by creating a hindrance for the outdoor noise pollution.

Furnace & AC Direct Home Insulation Services

We at Furnace & AC Direct are offering home insulation services throughout Toronto and in specified GTA areas. Our home insulation services include;
Attic Insulation
Wall Insulation
Basement Insulation

25% of heat loss occurs through Attic. Insulation of Attic, therefore, reduces heat loss up to 25%. The same goes for Wall and Basement insulation. Collectively, 50% of the heat loss occurs through walls and floor. More energy loss means more appliance usage, which means more ghostly energy bills. Since we want you to enjoy home comfort while also doing lots of savings, we suggest you to have your home insulated. Home Insulation once properly done contributes to overall energy saving, adding life to home comfort appliances and making indoor environment more comfortable.
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