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Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair Services Toronto Mississauga

Remember the happiness you felt on the installation of your new home comfort heating/cooling system? Ever thought how hard a comfortable survival could be without these HVAC solutions? Your home comfort appliances do so much for you, what do you do for them? So many questions, huff!
Well, the point that we want to make you understand is this;
The universe revolves around the rule of 'give & take'. You probably never have thought about what can you give to your home comfort appliances but there's something every homeowner should do to compensate their appliances for doing what they do. And what is the compensation? That is; a regular maintenance and an in-time repair.

Maintenance and Repair - Why so Important?

We understand your appliance's needs as accurately as we know yours. Maintenance is important and so is in-time repair. There are people who once purchase an appliance and forget about maintenance for the rest of their life. And there are people who think postponing repairs and dragging their appliances to work will save them dollars, realising not that postponing only aggravates the problem and results in fatty bills, appliance replacement and sudden breakdowns. Also, appliance maintenance is directly proportional to appliance's life. The better the appliance is kept, the longer it serves. The same goes for appliance repair. Every home comfort appliance at some point in its lifetime sees the time to have a checkup to get well again. That is what we call repair. The motor may fail, the parts may get rusted and seek replacement, gas leakage may occur, the pipelines may get damaged or anything else that hinders proper functioning of an appliance resulting in a repair need. Maintenance and Repair both being crucial to appliance's efficiency and appliance's life gave us a reason to serve you with more than mere Installation services. We thought to offer Maintenance and Repair services in the GTA and here's what we're doing.

Furnace and AC Direct Maintenance and Repair Services

Did we say before that we know your appliance's need as accurately as yours? That was true. Really true! We sense whenever an appliance is sick, needs maintenance, seeks repair or just a little tune-up. Cool are our sensors, aren't they? But the problems is; owing to the social norms we can't knock your doors without you calling us. However, when you seek our services, we're always prompt to respond and always quick in servicing. Our Maintenance and Repair Services include maintenance and repair of all types of Heating and Cooling home comfort appliances namely; Air Conditioners, Water Heaters, Boilers, Furnaces, Humidifiers, Air Purifiers, HRV Systems, Thermostats and others. We initially served in Mississauga but later on expanded our services in several GTA areas. In order to keep things easy and economical, we're also offering Protection Plans to help you save on services like, Maintenance and Repair.

24/7 Maintenance and Repair:

You might usually schedule Maintenance and Repair visits with your contractor keeping your ease and the rest of your schedules in mind but there are times when prompt actions is required else serious consequences may follow. For example, in the case gas starts to leak from some of your appliance, a quick action is required. Your appliance begins to make strange noises, a quick action is required. An appliance breaks down, quick action is required and several other scenarios. How could these ''quick actions'' be taken when there's no one to provide the service? We understand that emergencies don't follow your schedules and can occur any time. It is for this reason that Furnace & AC Direct keeps its service 24/7 to ease the lives of GTA residents and to counter any emergency HVAC needs. Our offices, helplines, live chats and all other customer support services are always on.
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Furnace & A/C Direct, Installed New Tankless water heater and it works great! I was very satisfied with their installation and customer service! Would Highly Recommend Company!

Taylor Anderson

We hired Furnace and A/C Direct to install a Central Air Conditioner and High Efficiency Furnace. The entire staff from the sales tech to the installation crew were informative, polite and very tidy. We will definitely refer them to family and friend

Abdiel Jermaine

Great experience with Furnace and A/C Direct, from the office to the technician Andy. Andy was on time, Knowledgeable, and explained everything he did and why he did it to fix my furnace. I would definitely use them again. Excellent job done!!

Marc Jones

The best service contractor we have ever had, worked in our home... excellent job done on my furnace tune-up from beginning to end... cost was fair

Elvis Elvin